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12 Dangerous Habits you should get rid of…

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1.Checking your phone when you wake up

One of the worst habits one can have in the morning is to check their phone. The problem is when we do so, we are putting ourselves in reactionary mode immediately.

All of these messages and notifications we’ve received steal our focus, so we focus on them instead on our duties and goals. Try to spend some time with yourself when you wake up.

2. Not making a schedule

By not making schedules you’re setting yourself up for less productivity. It may seem complicated to make one, but don’t doubt that it’s worth it. You’ll establish a work ethic because you’ll a direction to follow. You have to give your time to your most important tasks, or you’ll waste it on unworthy things, distractions, or other people’s agendas.

3. Not eating healthy and not staying physically active

Eating unhealthy foods is another serious productivity and focus killer. Rather, make sure you consume a whole foods diet for the most part. Limit the bad food or if possible cut it out completely.

Physical exercise is another habit that shouldn’t be avoided at all. Our bodies are meant to move and stay active. The options are way too many nowadays. Experiment and see what works for you. You don’t have to exaggerate things, you can work out 3 or 4 times a week and it doesn’t have to last long.

4. Pornography

Pornography is widely used by both men and women. Pornography can cause addiction, isolation, negativity, lack of focus, increased aggression, distorted perceptions about sexuality and relationships, boredom…

The negative effects are many. Real human intimacy is not compatible with pornographic ideology. People gradually give in to the addiction that results in dopamine depletion and other related neurochemicals.

5. Procrastination

We quite frequently fail to understand that there is no later or tomorrow, it’s always “NOW”. The fear of failure and making mistakes is killing us. We run around with the wrong perception. We live and we learn, that’s all it is. Procrastination is without a doubt our greatest enemy.

6. Having to stay up late at night

I understand if it’s about work, or something serious or worthy, but there aren’t any other reasons to stay up late. You have way more benefits when going to bed early and waking up early. You feel healthier, you’re being way more productive and your day doesn’t go to waste.

What’s the point of staying up all night, watching movies, playing video games…?

7. Irreparable relationship

It’s better to avoid being involved in relationships that waste your time and money. Lowered self-worth and confidence, helplessness, anxiety, self-doubt, depression, possessiveness, and trust issues are all symptoms of these types of relationships. Humans are social creatures. Deciding who deserves our time and attention should be done carefully.

8. Overthinking

Overthinking is becoming a bigger issue as time goes by for and more people. Self-doubt, low self-esteem, fears, painful experiences, or worry are all related to overthinking. Overthinking is a dream killer. Trust me, it’s all about making a decision and taking action. Just do things!

9. Multitasking

People who multitask have bad focus. Their attention is divided. So even if they get two things done, neither one of them will be of much quality. It can also make it difficult for you to learn new material, increase your stress levels, anxiety and depression and make you less productive and efficient.

10. Trying to remember everything

The more things we try to remember, the more risk there is of forgetting important things. A lot of important information can be left out when we try to handle too much, especially when it comes to details like times, dates, and schedules. The stress created by trying to remember too many details only aggravates the problem, leading to more frustration and loss of productivity.

11. Not getting enough sleep

When you’re deprived of sleep you’re not functioning properly. You can feel irritable, struggle to think clearly and you lack cognitive function. Basically, you are becoming less alert and slower to respond. You’ll also struggle with decision-making. I believe that you can notice that there’s nothing good coming out of this. Before bed try to stay away from technology, drinking, working in bed, junk food, coffee and taking medications.

12. Snoozing the alarm in the morning

If you have the habit of snoozing your alarm when it goes off you train your brain to treat the alarm as a sign for sleeping because that’s exactly what happens when you hit the snooze button and doze back off after being woken up. By the time you notice how late it is, you end up racing your way through your morning routine, desperate to get to work.

In the end, you’re not getting a good night’s rest nor do you get up in time for a healthy morning routine that w

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      1. Amiara Chimaraoge

        The No 6 teaching said that we shouldn’t stay late at night, that is the main point as a lady

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    Procrastination and not making schedules for me… Thanks for sharing

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    Precautions are better than cure


    Planning is the most important thing in life which the evidence of progress

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    Planning can make you save for the future…..thank you for sharing.

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    If you don’t plan, you’re already planning to fail. A good plan is needed in all areas of our life.

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    Most of us do press our phones when walking and is very bad because it can lead to accident

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    Procastination and sleeping late at night has dealt with me ….thanks for sharing.

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