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This task is very simple. You are required to copy and paste on your facebook status and WhatsApp status ONLY

Procedures for sharing the post on your Facebook status:
  1. Save the photo below, upload and to your facebook status
  2. After sharing to social media, click on the link below the image to post your proof & earn.

Note: Make sure your post is posted as public inorder for us to be able to verify it on payout day.

Procedures for sharing post on your WhatsApp status:
  1. Save the photo below, upload and add the  text including the hashtags and the link and then post on your WhatsApp status.
  2. After sharing on the social media, screenshot it and click the link below the image to submit your proof & earn.

Note: make sure you have  followers on Twitter

DO NOT POST LINK ON FACEBOOK, maintain the post without links.

Facebook Text 👇👇

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