8 Bad habits that makes you procrastinate

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What is procrastination?
Well simple put. It is the delay or avoidance of work and it creates problems both big and small. You can procrastinate on little things like paying rent on time and we often procrastinate without even knowing that. Infact many aspect of our lives suffer including our jobs, relationships and even health.

Welcome to learnedclub.com; here at learned club, we understand that our habits can make or break our lives so we’ve made a list of 8 of them that usually cause us to slip up and procrastinate so we can all avoid the trap and get done. Let’s go there!
1. Impulsivity: Have you noticed that when you’ve an important task to do, you tend to have the urge to do other minor not as important tasks first. The period you ought to be finishing your assignment or project is when you have the urge to tidy up your room, wash the dishes and clean the yard. Well, over time the most important tasks that would require a lot of time and effort they got pushed to the back of your mind until you’re right before deadline; this is completely normal but it’s also one of the underlying reasons why people end up procreating until the very last minute.

2. Talking about your plans: You enjoy explaining things even before they’re done. This habit tends to make you procrastinate by using up all your time talking about things that you should be doing at the time in the process of talking. You start to over analyze problems in your plan and before you know it a project that should have taken 3 to 4 hours end up taking a whole day because you spent most of the day thinking and talking about it instead of doing it. Human spy nature tend to seek out consolation. We reach out to family and friends for a solid 30 minutes chat focusing only on how to handle our lives and how crappy our job is, how it never seems to get any better but realistically this is yet another form of procrastination that tends to leave you feeling rather demotivated. Skip the complain, keep the plans to yourself and get to work.

3. Over Planning: Look we’re all guilty of this one at some point or another. Sometimes when you have a tasks to do, you find yourself making up scenario in your head of how things should go, how you should finish the job and what should happen if you encounter a problem. You forget that all the time spent on this wishful thinking and planning should be better used, actually starting the job. We can bet that you mostly do all of this planning laying on your couch and surfing the internet. You see what we mean to put it simply Over planning ends up wasting far more time than you can afford to waste.

4. You can’t do without Caffeine: Do you find out that you work late hours and wake up in the morning needing that sweet smelling coffee. Well you just might be procrastinating if you spend your days putting everything off until the last minute & then try to power through your work at night; well that night there might be why you are reaching for those energy drinks now, maybe you’re saying but I work better at night but do you really because there’s alot of science out there that says it’s likely not true and you’re only kidding yourself. The worst part of this habit is that most people tend to not rest during the day when they intend to work at night instead they fill their days with other activities and stat working when they’re already trapped out.

5. You can’t do without your smartphone & tracker apps:  How many hours do you spend on your phone daily, health tracker applications for deliveries and purchases all the world’s music services and social networks and ofcourse games even when you commit yourself to a task at hand the constant notifications on your devices are like irresistible bait for procrastinators, a quick peek just to see what you missed and before you know it you’ll have sunk 30 minutes to 60 minutes scrolling Instagram and watching YouTube videos. So do yourself a favor anytime you have to complete some dedicated work put that phone hunt silent and place it face down or better yet in different room.

7. Indecision: Indecision almost always lead to procrastination. It occurs when someone must make a significant frequently stressful decision but feels overwhelmed by the available options and as a results they do nothing and rather spend alot of time juggling all the possiblities before commiting to something. Being able to make decisions is crucial yet challenges and issues might prevent us from doing. So we may put off making judgements when we have a strong desire to be correct or to avoid being wrong. Perfection and indecision often dance together.

7. You’re rarely motivated: A common reason people keep putting things off is simply they lack the motivation to do it for example a student who doesn’t care about getting good grades likely feels totally fine not preparing for an exam. It’s difficult to overcome this because humans aren’t wired to be motivated unless they perceive some kind of immediate reward but the reality of life is we don’t only get to spend our time doing things we want things that excite us or offer us immediate rewards so self-discipline is key to getting your tasks done on time even when you don’t feel like it.

8. Perfectionism: The desire to do everything flawlessly also fuels procrastination. A perfectionist is afraid of criticism and disappointment in case of failure they demand the highest standards of themselves and won’t settle for anything less because they place so much pressure on themselves to reach perfection. These folks often delay starting because they’re worried they won’t be able to execute it the way they want and instead of trying to get things done with whatever capacities they have they purse ideas that aren’t even achievable because well perfectionism isn’t a real thing instead of this remind yourself that good enough is better than perfectly unfinished.

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