All things are possible with God

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When GOD wanted to create fish, he spoke to the sea.
When GOD wanted to create trees, he spoke to earth.
-But when GOD wanted to create man, he turned to HIMSELF.
So GOD said: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.
If you take a fish out of the water, it will die; and when you remove a tree from the ground, it also dies.
Likewise, when man disconnects himself from GOD, he dies.
GOD is our natural environment. We were created to live in HIS presence.
We must be connected to HIM because only with HIM does life exist.
Let us remain connected with GOD.
Let us remember that water without fish is still water, but fish without water is nothing.
The soil without the tree is still soil, but the tree without the soil is nothing….
God without man is still God, but man without GOD is nothing.

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  1. Precious Efiok

    Truly all things are possible through him

      1. Iyiola Immanuel

        HE owns all the glory ?

    1. Peter Peroh

      Sure! All things are possible with God

  2. Blessing Oghenenyerowho

    Without God nothing is possible.

  3. Nimota Shuaib

    Yes with God everything is possible

    1. Hamza Abdullahi

      Everything is possible when you believe in God

  4. Okeoghene Unweh

    What God can not do doesn’t exist.

  5. Taiwo Oyalude

    With God everything is possible

    1. Glory ulumma Nwannaji

      Wow I love this very true

  6. Ebelechukwu Ndubuisi

    Indeed with God all things are possible

  7. Zainab Dauda

    Believe in God and you will never lack

    1. Gbaboyor Felix

      Yes indeed with God all things are possible.

  8. Usman Opeyemi

    All thing are possible with God

  9. Anastasia Okorie

    “Let us remain connected with God”

    Thanks for sharing

  10. ABRAHAM Abraham

    All thing are possible with God

  11. Emmanuel Nathaniel

    Man cannot do with out God

  12. christiana shola

    God without man is still God, but man without GOD is nothing so with God nothing is impossible for him to do

  13. Oluwole Josephine

    In God we find our source and hope

  14. Aghagha Johnson

    The lord is good all the time
    Thanks to u that very nice

  15. Abdulazeez Badrudeen

    The Grace of God is Paramount

  16. Alice Gold

    Truly said , God is all in all … anything you do in life must come from him …..when we abide in him he shows us the right path to follow

  17. Toluwalase Anjorin

    God of possibilities

  18. Joshua Joseph

    Encouraging and educative

  19. Ezeh Mmesoma

    Yes we can’t exist without him..
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Ogunmakinwa Evelyn

    God is the master above All

  21. Kingsley Inyang

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me says the scripture

  22. Mba Precious

    He(God) is the pillar of our lives.
    The beginning and the end
    The master of the whole universe…

  23. Emmanuel Inalegwu

    There is no impossibility

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