Being younger than yours age

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Although, ageing is a natural phenomenon of man’sexistence that cannot be avoided; but it can be slowed by certain lifestyles, especially the ones aimed at improving one’s health.

One cannot completely prevent himself or herself from ageing, however; it can be reduced by adopting practices that are targeted toward improving the appearance. See them below.
1. Eating healthy and avoiding the excessive consumption of high cholesterol meals.Food plays a very important role in one’s appearance.
The excessive consumption of fatty and carbohydrate meals in their large proportion can amount to obesity.
To maintain a youthful and healthy appearance, it is recommended to eat more protein, vegetables and fruity meals. Consuming meals with high cholesterol can distort the proper functioning of the body.
2. Avoid the intake of harmful intoxicating substances or drugs.
The excessive consumption of alcohol and other hard substances like cocaine, weed, marijuana and others an amount to premature ageing. These substances contain toxins which dehydrate the body and make theskin rough, dry and older.
3. Exercise regularly.
Engaging in regular exercise is a self-therapy that can significantly prevent anti-ageing. Apart from appearing youthful by the act of exercising, it will also improve your vascular-respiratory system and blood circulation.
Regular exercise will eradicate wastes from the body through the skin pores
4. Always keep hydrated and bathe regularly. Drinking enough water has its way of making a person appear healthy. Water contains antioxidant elements which help to flush out toxins from the body and keep the skin hydrated. The practice of bathing regularlywith clean water can also facilitate the moisturization of the skin which will slow down ageing
5. Avoid cosmetic products that iritate or affect the skin. Studies have shown that some skincare products contain harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin and lead to quick ageing. Using adulterated and heavily chemicalized creams and lotion can amount to skin burns and unpleasant colouration which might affect its texture.
6. Always possess a positive and welcoming countenance.
Deep research has shown that facial expression can affect the structure of the face. The practice of continuously frowning the face can amount to wrinkles which will lead to premature ageing. In the same vein, possessing a cheerful face will brighten up your countenance and will make you appear attractive and positive.
7. Maintain thorough body hygiene.
Appearing dirty and unkempt can greatly affect a person’s appearance negatively. Dressing shabbily or not giving priority to your oral hygiene and body will make you appear older than your actual age.
8. Wear a sunglass or a face cap when in the sun. In addition, exposing the face to violent rays of sunlight can amount to skin irritations and burns which will result in wrinkles, bores and spots. lf your routine demands you work in a hot and sunny environment,it then becomes pivotal to wear sunglasses or a face
cap to reduce the impact of the sun on the face, most especially the eyes.

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