Body Shaming

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Body shaming is the action or practice of subjecting someone to humiliation and criticism for their physical appearance. The scope of body shaming is wide, and can include, although is not limited to fat-shaming, shaming for thinness, height-shaming, shaming of hairiness (or lack thereof), of hair-color, body-shape, one’s muscularity (or lack thereof), shaming of looks (facial features), and in its broadest sense may even include shaming of tattoos and piercings or diseases that leave a physical mark such as psoriasis.

In a study of children’s film and books regarding messages about the importance of appearance, media targeted for children were heavily saturated with messages emphasizing attractiveness as an important part of relationships and interpersonal interaction. Among the movies used in the study, two Disney movies contained the highest number of messages about personal beauty. This study also found 64% of the videos studied portrayed obese characters as unattractive, evil, cruel, and unfriendly, and more than half of the portrayals involved the consideration or consumption of food.

Some forms of body shaming have ancient origins in popular superstition, such as discrimination against people with red hair and stereotypes of people with blonde hair. Forms of discrimination may also differ significantly depending on age group. For example, among preadolescents, tall tweens are sometimes depicted as awkward, and sometimes face derogatory pejorative terms such as “lanky”. However, upon adulthood, such unflattering attitudes typically undergo a reversal as height is typically valued among adults.

Sometimes body shaming can extend to a perception that one does not sufficiently display masculinity or femininity. For example, men with wide hips or prominent breasts or lack of facial hair are sometimes shamed for appearing feminine. Similarly, women have been body-shamed for their lack of femininity for appearing to have a man-bulge, or for having broad shoulders, traits that are typically associated with men. Suicide because of the body shaming is the fourth leading cause of death in 15–19-year-olds. Extensive levels of body-shaming can have negative emotional effects, including a reduction in self-esteem and other issues such as eating disorders, anxiety, body image disturbance, body dysmorphic disorder and depression. Also, body shaming can lead to serious depression, especially when people feel their body can not meet social criteria. Please we should avoid doing this to people, accept them they way they are. Don’t make them feel bad, they are not the ones that created themselves, it’s God. Don’t criticize or mock them.

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  1. Stephen Amaechi

    We should avoid emotional torture to other people

    1. Fadeke Duyile

      Body shamo can lead to depression, from depression, suicide next

  2. Ekubumma Ignatius

    The facts are clearly stated

  3. Fortune Sunday

    We do this unconsciously, and it should stopped

  4. Abraham Obot

    Not everyone has strong enough emotions to absorb body shaming

  5. Kufre-Abasi John

    We should accept everyone the way they are,we shouldn’t criticize them

  6. Ofofon Okon

    Body shaming can lead to suicide

  7. Chinyere Ugochukwu

    We should try and accommodate them because they are not the one that created themselves

  8. Mgbakor Uchenna Samson

    Truth say it is not good to discriminate we should try to accommodate others matter how hard it is.

  9. David Anndotan

    Body shaming is one of the problem we face as human

    1. Amiara Chimaraoge

      Thanks u for sharing this information

    2. Blessing Oghenenyerowho

      Great information

  10. Chukwuemeka Justin

    Body shaming can lead to depression….we should try and accommodate them

  11. Amarachi Gracious

    Wow this matter has been trending for now,and the rate of shaming is alarming.but also must add that we must also learn to appreciate ourselves before anyone else does. There’s beauty in every one ,we must first see this beauty before others.As for me am a short girl and am a spec

    1. christiana shola

      True facts Some forms of body shaming have ancient origins in popular superstition, such as discrimination

  12. Emem Effiong

    Never compared urself to anyone

  13. Abdulazeez Imran

    Appreciate God’s work in others

  14. Nwabugo Michael

    Body shaming can also cause loneliness nd depression

  15. Daniel Okon

    But the thing is that people call for criticism but the only want praise

  16. Ekundayo Segun

    It can lead to accident by over think

  17. Precious Okhae

    Body shaming causes low self esteem and it can lead to depression and sucide.

  18. Taiwo Oyalude

    Thanks for your information

  19. Adebayo Ganiyy Eniola Ganiyy

    Lesson to everyone

  20. Favour Udoyen

    Body shaming should be greatly rebuked
    It lowers one’s self esteem and could damage one’s confidence

  21. Oyedapo Emmanuel Ishola

    Thanks u for sharing this information

  22. Okeoghene Unweh

    We need to see the beauty in others and stop body shaming

  23. Alebiosu Happy

    Seriously.. I do not see sense in body shaming people, because nobody at the point of creation had a choice of what kind of body they’d like.

  24. Alebiosu Happy

    Body shaming should be a crime punishable under the law

  25. Taiwo Oyalude

    Good, thanks for sharing

  26. Obukohwo Daniel

    Yes I agree with you
    This what all of us should fight against because It like a poison among us

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