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I have watched people working so arduous day in day out to make living. For many with the confidence of hardworking pay, being lazy is not a choice. Yes, idle hands they say are the devil’s workshop.
In our daily hustle and bustle, I have discovered that many people failed in the most essential area of life which is “capacity building”. Yes, in the hope of great increase and satisfactory life, we need to build the capacity to manage our expectations.

In a bid to be blessed by God there is a need to be prepared for that blessing, position, increase and whatever you are trusting God for.
People focus on hardworking which is fine. Many focus on prayers, and that’s not bad too, in fact, that should be the first, but as we pray and work toward the expected end of greatness, there is a need for us to build the capacity to sustain and maintain that position, finance and abundance.

There is more work to do on ourselves before God can trust us with that influence, financial breakthrough and that seat of authority.
God is not a God of mismanagement, he will never put in your care what you cannot manage. He will never trust you with what you have never developed a capacity to govern.

Do you know, why those things you have been working tirelessly for labouring day and night and have not been given unto you could be because you cannot handle them? Capacity!
You’re not lazy, yes we know, you are hardworking and smart yes we know, but more than this you must prepare yourself for greater blessings and increase.

If you have not built capacity to handle fame, finance and seat of authority God will not entrust it in your care.

There are areas of your life you must build as you expect God for more increase.

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  1. Ebelechukwu Ndubuisi

    You are simply right. Faith without work is vain

  2. Usman Opeyemi

    being lazy is not a choice.

  3. Gabriel Tamarabibo Mary

    Impressive well done

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