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Entrepreneurship is a bedrock of any society and have come to stay . It is very disheartening that it have not been realise in Nigeria until recently . Countries like US and other European countries are counted among the word developed country due to investment in the Entrepreneurship
An entrepreneur is one how is innovate ,creative and grab every opportunity at hand . There some common myth that are retarding the growth of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria despite the effort by the federal government :
1 . Entrepreneur are born
2. They are lucky
3. They are made.
These are few among some common myth that is affecting the growth of Entrepreneurship. It very important to realise the importance of entrepreneurship in Nigeria . This is a clarion call to Nigerian.

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    1. Alebiosu Happy

      Entrepreneurial know how is your edge over many higher degree holders.

  1. Ugochukwu Chimaroke Goodnews

    Entrepreneurship gives us the ability to be a boss of our own

  2. Olajide Sherif

    Entrepreneurship is backbone for Nigeria people

  3. Amarachi Gracious

    Beyond going to school we must be great entrepreneur

  4. Emem Effiong

    Entrepreneurship is the bedrock

  5. Nwokorobia Chinonso loveday

    Entrepreneurship is as old as business trade, like in those days trade by barter is done. As an entrepreneur, you will detaste begging and laziness

  6. Abdulazeez Imran

    Infact am proud to be an entrepreneur,
    This is a millions worth article, keep up the good

  7. Fortune Sunday

    There’s a lot of Truth in here. Thanks for sharing

  8. Adedibu Grace

    Entrepreneurship makes us independent

    1. Prosper Benjamin

      Entrepreneurship is add to the society

  9. Treasure Uneze

    Entrepreneurship mindset is a very good skill to possess

  10. ABRAHAM Abraham

    Entrepreneurship mindset is a very good skill to possess

      1. Hamza Abdullahi

        Entrepreneurship make us not to depends on on Government Job

  11. Anastasia Okorie

    Entrepreneurship gives us that inner joy of being an individual boss
    Thanks for the information

  12. Jane Ukamaka

    Really an entrepreneur is a boss leader, am so impress.

    1. Alice Gold

      As an entrepreneur you will become independent

  13. Ezeh Mmesoma

    Nigeria needs more entrepreneurs. People who are not afraid of taking risks.

  14. Oladimeji Taiwo

    Olajide Yasiru Ayoade
    July 29, 2022 at 6:24 pm
    Very interesting

  15. Peter Sunday

    Beyond going to school we must be great entrepreneur

  16. David Anndotan

    You can make a living through a job
    But you would make Alice time earning through intrapreneurship

  17. Precious Okhae

    Entrepreneurship is really important

  18. Zainab Dauda

    Kudos to enterpreneurs they are great

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