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This task is very simple. You are required to engage on a post through google.

Procedures for performing the task:
  1. You must clear cache from your browser before performing the task.
  2. After clearing cache; Click on the big link below. It will take you to google search results of EgramWebtech Forum.
  3. You are expected to click on the search result which is “EgramWebTech Forum
  4. It will take you to Egramwebtech forum section. 
  5. Read and share 10 posts before clicking on the Ads. Share to twitter but if you don’t have twitter; then you read 15 posts
  6. Click on 1 Ads 
  7. Visit 3 pages of the Ads you opened.
  8. Come back to this task page and click on the small link below to submit the link of the Ads you opened and earn

Note: If you don’t understand this task, kindly watch the video on members group chat to understand it. 

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