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Highest currency -RELATIONSHIP

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The highest form of currency is not dollar, sadly against popular opinion, RELATIONSHIP is the highest form of currency. By relationship I don’t mean intimate relationship alone but all forms of interaction with man.its often said that the money you seek is in the hands of another.The problem is that we fail to identify such Destiny or convenant relationship.
Here are some tips to identify Destiny or convenant relationship
1. Convenant relationship refreshes you
2. It brings out the best in you
3. It knows and respect boundaries
4. It consult before making decisions
5. It keeps you on toe celebrating achievement while seeking greater achievement.
Now you know how to identify treasure (relationship),it is also important to maintain such relationship.
Here’s some tips to maintaining precious relationship
1.Avoid competitive jealousy.
2. Avoid ill or evil speaking.
3. Have a degree of tolerance.
4. Be an active contributor to the growth of that relationship.
5. Practice genuine Love.
Summary: you’ll find out that after doing all these you can’t be in low places of life…

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  1. admin

    RELATIONSHIP is the highest form of currency. ✍️ Thanks for sharing

  2. Mgbakor Uchenna Samson

    Wonderful learnt a lot from this.

  3. Jane Ukamaka

    Well educative and interested.

  4. Amarachi Gracious

    Relationship outlive life

  5. Abraham Obot

    Relationship can take you places that money can’t. Nice one there

    1. Favour Udoyen

      This piece of information is really needful
      People most times don’t bother about keeping good and healthy relationships with others

    2. Hamza Abdullahi

      Decent and polished speech

  6. Obongekeme Eshiet

    Lovely article, it helped a lot, now i know i have to keep go relationship

  7. Fortune Sunday

    Truth.. relationship infact brings more money

  8. Dominic Udoh

    Having a degree on tolerance I won’t forget this point

  9. Gabriel Edet

    My knowledge has just Improved, thanks


    My observation is that life is a teacher and We should manage it properly

  11. Chukwuemeka Justin

    Genuine love is what matters most in a relationship

  12. Ugochukwu Chimaroke Goodnews

    For relationship to be sweet and genuine it must be at equilibrium

  13. Terwase Sesugh

    I have been battling with this for years.

  14. Ezeh Mmesoma

    Indeed your relationship is the highest form of currency.
    Thanks for this piece of information

  15. Olaniyan Isaiah

    Relationship outlive everything

  16. Mercy Oruegberi

    Relationship the highest form of currency wow

  17. Anastasia Okorie

    A good Relationship is the key

  18. Nwabugo Michael

    Perfectly written
    You said it all bro
    Relationship is really d highest form of currency

  19. christiana shola

    Thank you for the eye opening relationship are to be treated well because nobody knows tomorrow

    1. David Attah

      Even though I dont have a gf nw
      This will help my future relationships

  20. Emmanuel Osung

    Have learnt alot from this

  21. Omeke Kingsley

    Relationship is ambiguous but thanks for sharing this little advice

  22. Adebayo Ganiyy Eniola Ganiyy

    Extremely fact

  23. Kosiso Precious

    woah nice write up ?? thank you so much

  24. Obumneme Mgbike

    Trust and love is the key of wonderful relationship
    But is the outstanding

  25. Taiwo Oyalude

    A good relationship is not all about money

  26. Gbaboyor Felix

    Quite educative, thanks for sharing.

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