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Learned Club is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs (Knowledge & Wealth) on the same software.

Learned Club is not a bring #2,000 get #20,000 in 2 hours neither is it a read news or share news program.

Learned Club generate funds mainly from our adverting network partners (Google, Propellerad, Adsterra etc) by displaying their ads on our platform, selling digital products such as eBooks and other eMaterials and also promotions of others business.

The Ads are the major source of our income so you are to click on them to enable us earn and generate funds to pay you.

LearnedClub is powered by Egram Webtech. Egram Webtech is a global digital marketing & web designing agency based in Nigeria run by top Creative Digital Marketer– Chima Chinaru.

Getting Started

Anyone can be a member .. if you can get hold of any internet gadgets like smart phone or pc device to perform the daily task of earnings.

Presently, we have two packages:

  1. Alpha member Package: As an Alpha member; you pay a onetime membership fee. i.e, you pay ₦2,000 ONLY to register and you are entitle to 40% of your total generated revenue every month.
  2. Senate Member Package: This is a subscription based membership. You pay a token of ₦3,000 monthly to maintain this package. The benefits of this package are: Your business will be advertised on our platform for 1 month, we will sponsor your business for viral share twice in a month & you’ll receive a minimum of 2 million views/engagement. Also, you will be entitled for 60% of your total generated revenue every month.

Follow this step below carefully..

  1. Click register and select your preferred package.
  2. Fill up your correct details 
  3. Then click summit or Register & then verify your email address.. you are now a MEMBER of LearnedClub platform.

Note: All senate members will be manually approved by site admins before their account will be activated.


To register new member with your referral link on the same Phone, kindly logout your account before clicking on the referral link, failure to do so, the bonus will be awarded to the site

After successful registration, kindly update your profile settings by going to your account settings….

Always logout and login back to claim daily login bonus

Breakdown of Earnings:

₦30,000 after 30days is guaranteed.

1. Registration bonus ₦100

2.Referral Bonus(Optional) ₦500

3. Each click on your Referral link ₦2

4. Share Post ₦20

5. Daily Login ₦50

6. Welcome Bonus ₦100

7. Approved Comment ₦5

8. View post ₦2

9. View page ₦2

10. Vote in our poll ₦20

11. Approved post ₦100

12. Birthday Bonus  ₦15,000

Weekend airtime giveaway on our platforms

Withdrawal button opens for Alpha members on the last Thursdays of the month for a 40% of the total generated revenue; while withdrawal button opens for Senate members on the last Fridays of the month for a 60% of the total generated revenue.