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Speech is the ability to express thoughts and feelings by vocal sounds and gestures. It is a formal address or discourse delivered to an audience.

1. KNOW THE AUDIENCE : Knowing your audience helps you figure out what content and messages people care about.

2. KNOW THE OCCASION : A special occasion speech is performed to commemorate a person or an event, and there are several reasons people give speech.

3. SELECT A TOPIC : Choose a topic that is appropriate, a topic that interest you, a topic which you can find materials, and a topic that will tempt you to summarize rather than to discuss or analyze.

4. SELECT A PURPOSE : Know the reason for which the speech is done or created.

5. GATHER POTENTIAL CONTENT : Learn much about your topic as you can. Prepare detailed notes on some of the ideas you may want to use during your presentation.

6. GATHER KORE CONTENT THAN ACTUALLY USED : You need to get the information to the people that matter, deliver it in appropriate way, and make sure the information is the used.

7. ORGANIZE CONTENT : Make sure your content carry’s Tagging, Grouping, Recommendation, Facts, Trend histograms, Topic pages, Topic maps and let the logical flow make sense.

8. PHRASE THE SPEECH : A transition is a phrase or sentence that indicates that a speaker is moving from one main point to another main point in a speech. So a phrased speech should carry a good transition.

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