How To Earn 50k Weekly For Free on Learnedclub in 2023

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Are you tired of having a low income weekly or monthly? Do you want to increase your weekly earnings this year to 50k? How about if I show you a little secret of how to make at least 50k weekly?

Now, follow me. Let me share with you this wonderful secret

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If you are a serious-minded person, you should start making over 20k every week on Learnedclub after this. 

It’s the fastest way to raise a reasonable amount of money on Learnedclub, so it’s very important that you do this. Unless you just want to watch others cash out weekly. 

See how people advertise on Facebook groups to get Referrals you too can do the same, even better. 

The Steps 

  1. Create a WhatsApp group – Name it “Learnedclub Income Program”
  2. Join lots of Facebook groups. It’s Free
  3. Post your Advert there and collect People’s  WhatsApp numbers. You can add your WhatsApp invite link in the advert so that people can join easily. 
  4. Add them to your WhatsApp group or Invite them to your group
  5. Set your group settings to Only Admins can comment to prevent spammers. Don’t make a random person an admin,  they can kick you out of your own group. 
  6. Add at least over 150 people to your WhatsApp group daily trust me you are going to be making over 100k monthly
  7. Tell them about the business and how it works.
  8. Show them over 7-10 alert testimonies from our groups. Also, share our payment list page >>
  9. Post your Learnedclub referral link in your WhatsApp group and start making cool cash daily as they register with your link. Don’t post your Learnedclub referral link on Facebook, Facebook may ban you.
  10. You need to be doing it consistently even when you see no result, just know that there’s a very beautiful day ahead.

— How to Create your advert —
On your WhatsApp status, Facebook stories, groups, and timeline… Tag your friends who you know would want to benefit from this earning opportunity. Post something like this

Partner with a Nigerian Income Generating Website and get the privilege of being paid each time you Learn new digital skill,  Perform a daily tasks, Create a topic, Comment on posts, login to the website, etc. 

You can start today with a one time registration fee of ₦2,000 and stand a chance to earn over ₦10,000 daily.

 Ask me how”. 080 *** ****

After “ask me how”, Add your WhatsApp number.
If someone picks interest by asking you “How?”
Introduce the person to Learnedclub

Facebook Groups to Advertise on. 

These are some good Facebook groups to advertise on daily. 

1. Nigeria Online Business

2. Ikorudu Market
3. 9jamarket
4. Oyinbo 
5. marketplace NG
6. Online Market
7. Open Market Nigeria
8. PH Market Place
9. WhatsApp Marketing
10. Worldwide Adverts/Marketing
14. Facebook Marketing
15. African Market
18. Kaduna Online Market
20. Click here 
21. Tru 9ja Market
22. Lekki Ajah Market
23. Advertise Your Business Worldwide
24. Ladies In Business On Point
25. Unique Business Managers
26. Business Avenues​
27. Market and Sell
28. Market Place
29. Abuja Market Place
30. Business World
31. Sell Your Stuff
32. Sell It
33. Advertise your product
34. Online Business Arena
35. Lekki Ajah Market Place
36. Abuja Market Place

37. Nigerian maritime Business

38. Online Market Place

39. Buy it Sell it , Swap it

40.Market Place- Buy and Sell

More groups will be posted here…

Also, don’t forget to join Students’ Facebook groups. you can find these out by just searching on Facebook for any school and then click groups. 

You can also send your WhatsApp group link as a message to several people. So that they can join your group. 

There are over 50 million Nigerians on Facebook, start converting.

–Other Options–

Apart from Facebook, you can also post your adverts to Twitter and forums like,,,, etc

 They have good traffic visiting their website. So go and register with them FOR FREE and start driving audiences.

Also go on and, and answer every question related to “how to make money online in Nigeria”, write a good answer by introducing Learnedclub, how it works,  and at the end add your Learnedclub referral link. You will get views and clicks.

Don’t answer a question if someone has already introduced Learnedclub as an answer.  Your answer will be moderated.

Good luck and happy earnings!