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Learnedclub has made it first payout to those who made a withdrawal request. Soo if you didn’t place a withdrawal request this article will guide you on how to learn and earn legitimately on learnedclub ?

* Your primary aim of being here is to learn.
Soo if you are only here to make money then you are in the wrong place.

* Avoid spamming:
If you are here only for the money then you will end up spamming. Avoid unnecessary comments on articles, make sure you read the article before commenting

* Perform the daily task and make sure the audience is “PUBLIC” . Don’t delete the post after earning and even after withdrawal don’t delete the post.

*Don’t copy an article from Google just to earn cos the article might be trashed and your earnings will reduce.
Create your own article, make sure it’s educative. Learnedclub isn’t an entertainment platform Soo avoid entertainment gists..

*Referral isn’t compulsory, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t introduce learnedclub to your friends. Don’t spam your referral link as this might lead to account suspension ?

Learnedclub has come to stay Soo if you weren’t paid today it’s because you violated the rules, Soo do things the right way from today ?
If you haven’t joined the WhatsApp group for members please do Soo cos that’s were you will learn how to perform the tasks successfully ?

Learn while you earn cos the skills you will aquire here will help you a lot

Learnedclub to the moon ???



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      We opt to abide by it

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    This learned is one among the lucrative side hustle I have ever come across.

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    Well detailed Mr Ofofon

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    Nice platform for earnngs and learning

    1. Olajide Yasiru Ayoade

      Nice platform for earning and learning

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    I haven’t joined the WhatsApp group, how do I go about it?

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    This learned is one among the lucrative side hustle I have ever come across.

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    Emmanuel ogar Linus

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    But how do I join the WhatsApp group?

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      It good to let your withdrawal as a proof to your friends and help you earn more by referral

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