How to Earn Money Online By Publishing Books On Amazon

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What Is Amazon?
This is a very popular platform, as well as one of the most trustworthy and reliable e-commerce sites, where individuals purchase and sell their products.

Amazon KDP is one that allows consumers to buy items from the convenience of their own home and have them delivered without leaving their house.

You can sell any product you want on this platform and make money, but that is not what we will be discussing in this article.

Can I Earn Money On Amazon?

When Amazon was formed, they did not just think about themselves; they also thought about their customers and clients.

You can see that they provide people with opportunities to earn money through affiliate marketing, product sales, book sales, and other means.

This post will go into great length on how to earn money by publishing books on Amazon, so please read it carefully.

What Is Amazon KDP?

This is an online programs from Amazon which in full is referred to as Amazon Kindle Direct Publish program which allows users to create a book and also self publish this book.

Amazon KDP is a good way of earning and making a living in Nigeria and pretty much other countries especially when you know the secret to making your books sell.

You can earn a lot of money off this program so it is one which we would suggest that you try out.

And the great thing about this earning opportunity is that you do not need to know how to write as you can outsource the writing process and just begin publishing your books.

How To Earn By Publishing Books On Amazon

Here is how you can begin earning off Amazon KDP with some few easy steps.

**Research And Identify A Topic

You will have to first of all identify a topic which people are interested in already, this is through researching if you do not promote books that people do not like you would not make sales and this is a bad thing

So you would have to take your time and carefully research on what most people love to see then use that to your advantage.

One method of doing this is through keyword research, this is useful in other to get the valid Information which people are constantly searching for on their Search Engine.

You can then head to Ubersuggest a free keyword research tool that gives users up to 3 free trials daily to look for what the competition is like and how many people are searching for a particular topic.

This is an easy way of doing this and is the fastest, but if you wish to get more information or should I call it data concerning each keyword research you perform then you should try purchasing a plan on Ubersuggest or any other keyword research platform such as

**Write Or Outsource The Writing Of The Book

The next and most important step which is making the book come to life, you know we said you do not need to write a book by yourself that you can outsource it.

This is pretty much how you can do it, You can decide writing this book your self which we suggest because it’s the free method although it can be stressful.

The other method of doing this is by paying a freelance writer from Fiverr to help you write and once done you would have to pay them for it.

Fiverr is a place to the most affordable writers and we suggest you use this place to your own advantage, you can not get scammed on Fiverr if that is what you are worried about.

**Format Your Book

You would have to publish your book you would have to follow Amazon Formatting Rules in other to get approved to be publishing by Amazon.

**Design A Cover

You have to design your book and make your book really appealing.

See here’s the thing if your book has a poor design most people would skip it even though the content is really perfect and all

Your book would appear with other people’s own and your design matters because if your design stands out that is when you would get people liking and wanting to purchase your book.

**Register On Amazon KDP

Once you have followed the previous steps it is now time to register for an account and publish your book.

It is really simple to sign up for the Amazon KDP platform.

All you have to do is enter your email address or phone number, followed by a password.

A one-time password (OTP) will then be sent to your email or phone.

After entering the OTP, you will be taken to a page where you may enter your contact information, payment information, and sign a tax form.

When you successfully complete this step, your account will be created, and you will be able to publish your first book on Amazon.

**Publish Your Book

Follow the steps below to properly publish your book

~ Head to your account dashboard

~ Click on the Menu Button then navigate to the Bookshelf tab.
You will then have to input a book format choose one which you feel is good for your book type.

~ Fill in your Book Name, Authors Name, Book Title and The Description Of the Book.
Upload your Book then wait for it to be reviewed and accepted.

This leads us to the end of this article let us know what you think concerning this article in the comment section.

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