How to get a flat stomach

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1. Reduce the amount of drinks and food you eat: You have to reduce the amount of food and fat you take into your body. Yes, you can live without drinking that much sugar. It might be hard for some but you just have to do it.
2. Exercise: Download apps on exercises and follow it. If you have your own trainer listen to them.
3. Be consistent: You have to be consistent, flat tummy don’t get flat overnight. It takes weeks of training
4. Set a goal: In a month or two you must get a flat tummy. Set that goal.
5. Find your motivation: Your motivation could be your favorite celebrity, your friend, your crush, your siblings. It could be anyone, you just have to find it.

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  1. Chinyere Ugochukwu

    I love this set a goal, be determined

    1. Amiara Chimaraoge

      Thanks u for that let me start doing it nw

  2. Terwase Sesugh

    Waoh,I will share this to my friend’s who have big Tommy.

  3. Olajide Sherif

    Thank for sharing information

  4. Ezekiel Okon

    Wow, this a great necessary post

    1. Oyedapo Emmanuel Ishola

      Thanks for the information

  5. Anastasia Okorie

    In all be consistent
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Blessing Oghenenyerowho

      Great information

  6. Mgbakor Uchenna Samson

    Your on point drop some food and exercise always you will be okay as you want

  7. Abdulazeez Imran

    I believe if you are not a director you must be a community health service, thanks for this, let me bless friends that have Tommy

  8. Nwokorobia Chinonso loveday

    Hunger will give you a natural flat stomach. ???

  9. Daniel Okon

    Consistency is highly required thanks for your care to us

  10. Adedibu Grace

    Reducing the content of food you eat daily would definitely reduce the size of the tummy

  11. Rashidat Abiola Usman

    Most people want flat Tommy but they can not paid the price mean things to avoid in getting flat Tommy they will never do it.

  12. Peter Sunday

    I believe if you are not a director you must be a community health service, thanks for this.

  13. Amarachi Gracious

    Also late night eating should be discouraged

  14. Kosiso Precious

    thanks for the tips? you just spoke to me all i need now is consistency and motivation. i have to let my friends who wants to have flat tommy know

  15. ABRAHAM Abraham

    I believe if you are not a director you must be a community health service, thanks for this.

  16. Precious Efiok

    Fasting alone can reduce your stomach

  17. Adaralegbe opeyemi

    this person must be a doctor 100%

  18. Monday Victor

    The Idea of setting goals comes with determination

  19. Rebecca Bankole

    It not easy oo but it’s achievable

    1. Okeoghene Unweh

      This flat tummy race no easy o

  20. Christian Okereke

    this is for people that have big tummy come and see the remedy here

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