How to make meat pie

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To make a meat pie you will need firstly,a puff pastry then minced meat.

The puff pastry

200g flour
100g margarine
Pinch of salt
3 tablespoon of ice water.


Sieve flour and salt.

Rub in fat ( margarine) to a sandy texture

Make a hole in the centre

Add sufficient water to make a rollable pastry that will not stick at the rolling pin.

Roll only once.


200g puff pastry
200g minced meat


Roll out the pastry

Cut into rounds or use meat pie cutters.

Moisten the edges and place the seasoned minced meat in the centre.

Cover the minced meat

Seal the edges

Brush egg was using pastry brush

Bake in hot oven.

I also want to differentiate some certain things. It might interest you to know that meat pie is not same as Cornish pie.

Meat pie is the one made with minced meat
Cornish pie is the one made from other items aside meat. Which include:

Diced boiled egg

The mixture of carrot and potato

The mixture of potato and onions.

Sliced apple

All these can be prepared the same way meat pie is made, just replace the minced meat with listed.

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