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Learned Club is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs (Knowledge & Wealth) on the same software.

how to make money online with Learned club

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LEARNEDCLUB is a special platform launched on the 28th of JUNE 2022.

Learnedclub is a platform that is dedicated to ensuring its members are Financially free and gallant.

LEARNEDCLUB is dedicated to the financial welfare of its members through its mind-blowing and massive structure of earning that allows its members to earn consistently and Withdraw consistently to their bank account without stress.


There are 8 ways to earn on LEARNEDCLUB

You earn on Learnedclub by performing simple Activities on the website. Registration fee for ALPHA MEMBERS is 1,000 Naira & Just 3,000 Naira Only for SENATE MEMBERS

  1. You get a whopping sum of N100 as a Registration bonus when you’ve successfully completed your registration.

2. You earn by learning a new skill (Reading the educative content-filled post). You earn when you read any of our posts on the Skills page. You earn N2 on each post you read on the platform. (You can literally click on the post and close)

3. You earn by Sharing the post to your social media accounts: You earn when you share the post you read from the platform to your social media accounts. You earn N20 for every post you share with your social media accounts.

4. You earn by logging in daily on the platform: You earn on your daily visit to the platform. You earn N100 when you visit the platform each day.

5. You earn by referring others to the platform: You earn when you invite people to the platform. You earn N500 on each successful referral. Now do the maths. You can be earning as much as N2000 without referrals on a daily basis. And if you’re into referring, you earn way higher.

6. You earn by clicking on the ads showing on the platform. We don’t necessarily want you to refer but we want you to click on the ads because it’s where we generate funds to pay you.

7. You earn N500 if you are the first to share any of our to your social media handles. Sharing the posts is very important to us; so do everything possible to share it.

8. You earn N2000 for making a successful video about the platform and upload it on your social media handles and tag your friends including the admin

9. You earn a whooping sum of N15000 on your birthday if you do a video of our platform and share it on your social media handles.

10. You by commenting on the posts. You earn N2 when the moderator successfully approved your post comment.

11. You earn N2 for a page visit


  1. Do not spam with your referral link. i.e; throwing your link in annoying ways on social media. If you’re caught; the system will ban you and your earnings will be withhold for 180 days
  2. Do not spam on the comment section. I.e; posting unwanted comments such as: ok, it’s fine, etc. Always ensure you are explicit in your approach on the comment section.
  3. Do not delete your shared post after you might have earned from it.

Thanks for reading. Comment & share to earn.


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