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Pass the fear test! Take authority over fear, trust in God’s love and promises, keep the devil under your feet, starve fear and feed your faith!

Even from an early age, life is full of tests– mathematics tests, driving tests, aptitude tests and countless others we all face at one point or another. A test is designed to measure performance, guage understanding and determine whether a person has mastered a particular skill. When it comes to our spiritual lives, we are no exempt from being tested; infact, Satan throws out all kinds of “tests” or challenging circumstances, hoping we will take the bait and give him access to our lives. His all-time favourite? The fear test.

The Bible repeatedly commands us to fear not, which comes in the form of worry, anxiety and various phobias. It is Satan’s primary weapon, and he responds to it the way God responds to faith. He uses fear to challenge the promises of God and steal hope from Christians.


Some people talks of a “healthy fear” of something. They think fear is good. But what’s good about it? The bible says we should fear not, so it can’t be good. It brings torment- not peace, wisdom or freedom (1 John 4:18).

So , the first question on the test is, where are your fears coming from and are you taking authority over them? If you grew up in a poor family, you might be in bondage to the fear of poverty. You might even try to apply the principles of God, but the Devils will keep robbing you until you go before God, repent of that fear; and get rid it!
So, if you will take authority over and break it’s power, the poverty, sickness and failure that fear was designed to bring will never have the opportunity to manifest in your life!


How do you know if you are fully persuaded of something? Is it because you think, feel or wish to believe it? No. When you are fully persuaded of something, you can’t be moved from it- no matter what anyone in the world says. There could be a new study and mass media coverage telling you that the sky is orange. You neighbour could believe it; your friends could believe it. But it wouldn’t change the fact that you know the sky is blue. All you have to do is look at it! But what of the things you can’t see in the natural- like the promises of God before they manifest? How can your become fully persuaded that the promises will come to pass?

When you take a stand on the word of God, Satan will immediately come and challenge those promises with every fear tactic he can come up with. He sends people who speak unbelief, circumstances that seem to be going in the opposite direction, bad reports, discouraging thoughts- you name it! But let’s not forget for one moment – he is a liar!


The entire mission of Satan is summed up in three words: steal, kill, destroy (Johne 10:10) that is why he uses the fear tactic so often. He will use thoughts and circumstances to see if he can get you to give him just an inch by causing you to be in fear. If you worry, he will plant that seed of fear in you. Before long, you will begin, to believe Satan’s lies rather than the truth of God’s word.


Fear is dangerous if you feed it. When you starve it, it will eventually die. Feed Faith and starve fear. How do you feed Faith? With the word of God ( Romans 10:17). What are you thinking about? Do your thoughts pass the test?

Next, guard what you say. If you are believing for something, don’t say anything contrary to the promises God has given you concerning it. When you study and implement these strategies, you will earn an A+ in resisting fear. Don’t allow fear rob you of the promises of Almighty God!

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  1. Ugochukwu Chimaroke Goodnews

    As children of God we need to feed our faith and starve our fear…..God bless the writer.

  2. Chinyere Ugochukwu

    Wow….thank you for this great write up

  3. Chukwuemeka Justin

    Well explained with some bible backup…..

  4. Stephen Amaechi

    Fear is kills faster than disease. But this piece of writing is actually an immune against fear.

  5. Abraham Obot

    Fear is the biggest obstacle known to man

    1. Omeke Kingsley

      Fear will make you loose some important opportunities in life

  6. Jane Ukamaka

    God bless the writer, strong faith is all we need to crush the fear we have over all things in life.

  7. Chima Chinaru

    Fear kills before the disease or sickness. The fear of anything is the beginning of defeat. Do not fear; instead put your hope in God.
    Thanks alot Mr writer & may God bless you

  8. Mgbakor Uchenna Samson

    If you can leave fear you will make it in life some of us fear denies us our goal.

  9. Amarachi Gracious

    Fear is the root cause of many death ask Job in the Bible

  10. Precious Efiok

    I love this write up
    It inspired me

  11. Fortune Sunday

    This is a great piece. I’ll overcome fear, Amen.

  12. Dominic Udoh

    I never knew all these till now
    Thanks for the post

  13. Gabriel Edet

    Thanks for the Value you dishes out, I appreciate


    I appreciate for this, Because I know that the worst thing that can happen to human life is fear

  15. Ofofon Okon

    Got inspired after reading this ♥️
    Thank you

  16. David Anndotan

    There are lots of wisdom in this text ☝️

    1. Blessing Oghenenyerowho

      Wonderful write-up

  17. ABRAHAM Abraham

    Fear is the biggest obstacle known to man

  18. Abdulazeez Imran

    I like your back up from the book of God

    1. Hamza Abdullahi

      Copied and saved , it’s a wonderful message thanks to learnedclub

  19. christiana shola

    Feed Faith and starve fear And also Follow with the word of God always standing by

  20. Ezeh Mmesoma

    Fear itself is deadlier than anything one can imagine. It’s left to us to feed our faith and starve our fears.

  21. Anastasia Okorie

    God bless the writer
    Am inspired

  22. Ekundayo Segun

    This writer God will continue to blass u

  23. Adaralegbe opeyemi

    Wow this is a good job yaa blessed

  24. Emmanuel Osung

    Fear is a very deadly disease that we as children of God must overcome

  25. Victor Nnamaka

    Yeah its a good job god bless you

    1. Prosper Benjamin

      Fear will come, but remember “GOD say fear mot’, the fearful can’t trust GOD

  26. Rebecca Bankole

    Fear has been holding me back for so long but I have decided to break free and feed my faith.

  27. Nkwegu Ifeyinwa

    This write up inspired me alot

  28. Fatiu Olamide

    Great job and bravo to you for enlightening me more on how to over fear

  29. Taiwo Oyalude

    So wonderful and miraculous

  30. Iyiola Immanuel

    The day a man learn to overcome fear he is a step out of poverty on that day

    1. Victor Nnamaka

      It’s really nice nice

    2. Emmanuel Nathaniel

      Fear appears when we refuse to pray (seek devine direction) and start applying logic in place of wisdom. Thank you for the article

  31. Victor Nnamaka

    It’s really nice article ?

  32. Victor Nnamaka

    Very very much good article ??

  33. Daniel James

    Omeke Kingsley19 AUG 2022 REPLY
    Fear will make you loose some important opportunities in life

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