How To Prepare Plantain Chips

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· Ripe or unripe plantains · Vegetable oil (for frying) · Salt (to taste)
If using ripe plantains, make sure they are just beginning to ripe and still very firm. If not, the chips will not be crunchy.
1. Wash and peel the plantains.
2. Use a vegetable slicer to thinly slice them into a bowl of cold water. The water helps them maintain their colour. The slices should be 2mm thin.
3. Add salt to the slices and stir the water to distribute the salt.
4. Transfer to a sieve to drain.
5. Heat some vegetable oil and fry them on high heat, stirring constantly.
6. The chips get fried in no time so keep an eye on it and transfer to a paper lined sieve when done.
7. When cool, store in airtight containers and munch to your pleasure.
Note: When putting the sliced plantains into the hot oil, ensure that they fall into the oil in single pieces. If they fall into the oil in clusters, they will be stuck together.

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