How to schedule a post to publish in the future on Facebook

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Facebook lets users schedule posts on pages and groups, provided they are an admin or moderator. Here’s how to do it on phones and the web.

Facebook lets users schedule a post to be published in the future, but the option isn’t available to everyone. The feature is available on both the website and the mobile apps, but there are a few caveats that users need to know before embarking on the process. Firstly, posts can only be scheduled on Groups and Pages, and not for personal accounts. In both cases, only admins and moderators can schedule, edit, and manage posts to be published in the future.

Another important thing to note here is that there’s no native option in the regular Facebook app to schedule a post. To do that, users have to download the Meta Business Suite app, which is a free tool that centralizes Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger in one place. It is available on both mobiles and desktops, and allows users to schedule posts, stories and ads for their businesses. It also allows users to publish posts and stories on both Facebook and Instagram from one place without switching accounts or apps.

To schedule a post on a Facebook Page, log in to the Facebook website on a computer and select ‘Pages’ from the left sidebar. Then choose the Page and click on ‘Publishing Tools.’ Now hit the ‘Create post’ button to compose the post that needs to be scheduled. On the next window, write up the post and click on the ‘Share Now’ button. From the drop-down menu, hit ‘Schedule’ and then choose the appropriate date and time on the pop-up window. Now save the settings by clicking on the ‘Schedule’ button at the bottom. Finally, click on ‘Schedule Post’ on the original page to finalize the scheduling.

Schedule Facebook Posts On Pages & Groups

One mobile, the Meta Business Suite app can be used to schedule a post. Install the app and sign in to the Facebook account to get started. In the app’s bottom bar, tap on the ‘+’ (Plus) sign and then choose ‘Post.’ On the next screen, select the target page and then compose the post as usual. Now in the top-right corner, tap ‘Next.’ On the Review screen, select ‘Schedule for later’ and the choose a date and time for when the post should be published. Once all the entries are made, hit ‘Schedule’ to close that page and move back to the original Review screen. Here, tap the blue ‘Schedule’ button at the top-right corner to finalize the scheduling.

To schedule a post in a Facebook Group, open the Facebook app and tap on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) at the top-right corner on the Home page. Now go to ‘Groups’ and select the Group where the post needs to be scheduled. On the Group page, hit ‘Write Something’ to compose a new post. On the next page, type up the post and hit the ‘Schedule’ button just beneath the Profile name. On the slide-out menu at the bottom, switch on the toggle next to ‘Publish your post at a future date and time.’ Now enter the desired date and time for when the post needs to go live. Finally, on the main screen, tap on the blue ‘Schedule’ button to finish the scheduling.

To schedule a post in a Facebook Group using the website, log in to the site on a web browser and then choose ‘Groups’ from the left sidebar. On the Group page, compose a new post in the box provided, and then click on the calendar icon at the bottom-right corner (next to the big, blue ‘Post’ button). Now select the desired date and time on the ‘Schedule Post’ window and then click on the ‘Schedule’ button at the bottom. This will schedule the Facebook Group post to be published on the entered date and time.

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