Know your English.

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Dear readers,
It is ” rack your brain” not “crack your brain”.
It is “put to birth” not “put to bed”.
It’s “affix pin” not “office pin”.
It’s “pronunciation” not “pronounciation”.
It’s “quit notice” not “quick notice”.
It’s “rainy season” not “raining season”.
It’s “at this juncture” not “at this junction”.
It’s “without mincing words” not “without mixing words”.
It’s “steer clear” not “stay clear”
It’s “sail through” not “scale through”.
It’s “lagging behind” not “lacking behind”.
It’s “expatiate” not “expantiate”.
It’s “penthouse” not “painthouse”.
It’s “backpack” not “bagback”.
It’s “the end” or “the extreme” not “the extreme end”.
It’s “brisket bone” not “biscuit bone”.
It’s “a little” or “a bit” not ” a little bit”.

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  1. Anastasia Okorie

    Oh my goodness!!
    What have I been speaking ????
    Thanks dear for sharing this,I need to take corrections

      1. Adebayo Ganiyy Eniola Ganiyy

        English no be my mate….
        Despite I’m just spoken rubbish…

        Thanks for that…
        You really educated me more…

    1. Fadeke Duyile

      Thanks for the enlightenment

  2. Rabiu Toheeb

    Thanks for sharing this statement.

  3. Emem Effiong

    Have been speaking nonsense ?????
    Thanks for educating.
    Learned club indeed

  4. Nwabugo Michael

    Omo na to take correction oo

  5. Daniel Okon

    Massive correction received from this article

  6. Gabriel Tamarabibo Mary

    I think with this one I will improve

  7. Olajide Sherif

    Thank for sharing information

    1. Olajide Sherif

      It have improved my English

  8. christiana shola

    OMG !!! English language is really large
    Thank you for enlighten me the more

  9. Mgbakor Uchenna Samson

    You right but the words is in the tongue already

  10. Terwase Sesugh

    You have taught me something new today.

  11. David Anndotan

    I have learnt something new

    1. Omeke Kingsley

      English is elephant grass
      No one knows all
      We learn it on a daily basis

  12. Nkwegu Ifeyinwa

    So I have been speaking nonsence ??

  13. Precious Okhae

    Thanks for the correction ?

  14. Oyedapo Emmanuel Ishola

    Thanks so much for sharing

  15. Akano Godwin

    I don’t know English oo

  16. Iyiola Immanuel

    Thanks for the correction..
    I will take note of it

  17. Emmanuel Inalegwu

    I believe this will help a lot of us
    Thank you

  18. Emmanuel Inalegwu

    I believe this will help a lot of us

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