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Don’t rush into relationship because many of your friends and relatives are married.

Don’t compromise because many of your friends are now with kids. Take your time to get it right then move with all joy.

Learn to always say to yourself “I won’t mount unnecessary pressure on me into marriage until I have the right person by my side, no pressure whatsoever will make me accept who I shouldn’t”.

I remembered about two years backwards. She reached out: Papa, there’s a young man asking my hands in marriage.


I asked her some few questions which I wasn’t satisfied with her answers. I told her; Relax a little my dear and let get to know him some more.

Sir, he wants me now or never.

I said; let him go better still. Sir, he wants to marry me. Me: I know. It’s for your good my dear.

She rushed into him not minding what I told her. She disappeared from me. 3 month into their wedding, a text came into my phone; Papa we really need to talk. “This is the greatest regret of my life. I’m dying. his anger is uncontrollable. See what he has done to my face”. I can’t talk. I can’t air my view peacefully. He wants to lord overall. I can’t continue this.

My dear, take your time. Don’t rush into anyone. You’ve waited all the while, your waiting process isn’t as you’ve waited before now.

Please, have a counselor who can mentor you accordingly. Who have a seeing eye to help you detect faster than you can see.

No amount paid for knowledge against costly mistakes can be equated to the costly damaged.

Don’t rush into anyone. Take your precious time to know whoever you want to spend the rest of your life with. Also, pray very well before you accept anyone for forever journey.

Forever is a far journey, open your eye.

One love ❤️

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