Let’s correct our speech

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1. It’s ” spaghetti ” not “supergetti”

2. It’s ” lagging behind ” not “lacking behind”

3. It’s ” expatiate ” not “expantiate”

4. It’s ” penalty ” not “penarity”?

5. It’s ” tuck in ” not “tore in”

6. It is ” without mincing words” and not “without mixing words”

7. It’s ” steer clear ” not “stay clear”.

8. It’s ” sail through ” not “scale through”.

9. It’s ” standard living ” not “sandalili.”

10. It’s ” Oh singers sing on” and praise the Lord* not “o singo singo….”

11. Its “brisket bone” not “biscuit bone”.

12. It’s “rack your brain” not “crack your brain”

13. It’s “the end” or “extreme”, not “extreme end’.

14. It’s “put to birth” not “put to bed”

15. It’s a “penthouse” and not “a painthouse”.

16. It’s “cervix opened” not “service open”

17. It’s “enmity” not “enemity”

18. It is “at this juncture” not “junction”.

19. It’s “Postpone’ not ‘Prospone”.

20. It’s “as and when due”, not “as at when due”

22. It’s “rainy season” not “raining season.”

23. It’s “adding salt to injury” and not “adding insult to injury”.

24. It’s “pronunciation” not “pronounciation”

25. It’s “a little” or “a bit” not “a little bit”

26. It’s “fork” not “ferk”

27. It’s “grateful” not ‘greatful”

28. It’s “lycra skirt” not “lacra skirt”

29. It’s “national anthem” not “item”???????????

30. Note. “At present” means “now” while “presently” means soon.

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    1. Favour Udoyen

      Made new corrections, thanks

  1. Emem Effiong

    My vocabulary don expand.
    Thanks for educating.

    1. Arikezukde Musa tete

      Love this cus I really learn brief

  2. Usman Opeyemi

    Haha haha
    It is our tongue ? and the language matters a lot

  3. Ebelechukwu Ndubuisi

    Number 10 really got me, I always sing o sing o sing o now I know the correct words are oh singers sing on. Thanks to you.

  4. Terwase Sesugh

    Waoh,this piece of work have taught things I use wrong in my conversation.

  5. Olajide Sherif

    It’s ” standard living ” not “sandalili.”

  6. Mercy Oruegberi

    me thinking am speaking Good English thanks for the corrections Weldon

  7. Anastasia Okorie

    I have to correct a lot ??
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Anastasia Okorie

    I have to correct a lot of my English ??
    Thanks for sharing

  9. Nwokorobia Chinonso loveday

    English is a borrowed language; please do not attempt to do more than the original owners.

  10. Daniel Okon

    You have done well in elaborating me with this

  11. christiana shola

    Thanks for sharing I will improve more on that

  12. Chinyere Ugochukwu

    Wow……alot of us are victims of let’s correct ourselves…..thanks for sharing

  13. Ngozi KALU OGUDU

    These are grammatical error,,,people do in abbreviations of word.thanks for mapping out the correct words..nice work

  14. Kosiso Precious

    ???? is only in Nigeria you will hear these words. well thanks for the corrections oooo

  15. Emmanuel Osung

    Funny though
    These are common mistakes made by people during while talking

    1. Precious Efiok

      I think a lot of us will have to improve with these
      Thanks for the knowledge

      1. Oyedapo Emmanuel Ishola

        This article is good

  16. Ugochukwu Chimaroke Goodnews

    Wow….I do say stay clear? not knowing is steer clear….thanks for sharing

  17. Stephen Nkwobia

    U got it
    Number 1 too funny

  18. Abdulazeez Imran

    Kere koware” which is Rain rain go away ?

  19. Peter Peroh

    It is important to use the correct word form in written sentences so that readers can clearly follow the intended meaning.

  20. Amiara Chimaraoge

    Let not be faster than our shd

  21. Opeyemi Tunde

    Thanks for share this information

  22. Oluwole Josephine

    Funny, but honestly we need to take these corrections

  23. Joshua Joseph

    ????Eh chok
    Thanks for the corrections

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