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Opportunity is a chance for advancement, progress or profit.
We should not wait for opportunities but create opportunities for others to benefit from.
Learnedclub has created a golden opportunity where everybody to can benefit from.
It’s now left for us to take advantage of this opportunity to create more opportunities.
As the saying goes “opportunity comes but once”
You can make the best out of this golden opportunity.
Remember, rich people don’t sleep for 8hrs. For you to get something outstanding here you must pay a price.
Reading, commenting and sharing of a post won’t consume more than 5mb of your data.
Soo it’s time to stand up and work,
Secure your future now with learnedclub (that’s if you are consistent) don’t sit down and wait for awuf money cos it won’t come, wake up and start working now.
Take for instance,
You purchase a data plan of NGN500, where will you get the money to buy a new data plan when you run out of data.
You see, Soo many Nigerians make this mistake, they spend all the data they purchased on social media without making money and as a result run out of cash and are forced to borrow Soo they won’t be left out of the gist since they can’t afford a new data bundle.
make good use of your data today

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    1. Fadeke Duyile

      Opportunities only comes but once

  1. Chukwuemeka Justin

    The best opportunity you can make use of is to participate in every task in learnedclub and earn money

  2. Obukohwo Daniel

    Wow amazing nice collections of words

    1. Blessing Oghenenyerowho

      Wonderful opportunity

  3. Anastasia Okorie

    Well said
    Make use of this opportunity

  4. Ezekiel Okon

    Opportunity is a chance of advancement

  5. Daniel Okon

    This is a fact people fail to understand and end up poor

  6. Oyedapo Emmanuel Ishola

    Thanks for sharing this

  7. Chidera Daniel

    The generation of the world is with skills and knowledge then for you to make money skills is the key factor

  8. Okeoghene Unweh

    Opportunity always come to us. We just have to be open minded

  9. Hamza Abdullahi

    Opportunity is something to be consider and never let it go without achieving from it

  10. Hamza Abdullahi

    Take your chance and make use of any opportunity that comes your way

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