Reality of life

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Growing up as a child we where told so many fallacies on what you will be as far a you keep the cultural norms and objectives. Some of it were you will be successful person as long as you go to the university , pointing at cars to claim ownership . Life was sweet growing as a child but things change when I discovered that ,they were fallacies meant to raise your morale high so that you will never loose hope. It bestowed on me to let you know that, without financial literacy you are trape in a dense jungle and the only way to achieve financial freedom is to find a side hustle like learned club inorder to leverage your way to financial freedom. We really need to get out of this fallacies at childhood and face the reality of life inorder in to survive in Nigeria. Financial freedom is a national issue and as such we must contribute to financial literacy by joining side hustle.

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  1. David Anndotan

    I remember most of the story I was told
    When I was young

  2. Kufre-Abasi John

    Very true ?,we need to get up and face reality in order to survive in this country.

  3. Precious Efiok

    Life that is full of ups and downs
    Thanks for this

  4. Abdulazeez Imran

    Though education is important, but my friend be smart

  5. Ezeh Mmesoma

    Absolutely true. To be financially free we need to find a side hustle.

    1. Aragon morat

      that’s true, especially when you come in touch with a site like learnedclub, your eagerness for much money will upgrade.

    2. Omeke Kingsley

      Life is easy only if you work hard
      There is no food for lazy man

  6. Daniel Okon

    You are giving out real facts

  7. christiana shola

    Absolutely correc tmust contribute to financial literacy by joining side hustle.

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