Reasons why your lady might leave you for another man

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If you treat a woman the right way,she will accept you for who you are. Because they have no plans to break up with you. Their love can last for a long period of time.

In this article, I am going to explain to you why she might choose another man over you in the future.

1. You have been keeping your mouth shut for too long without saying anything to her

Even if your partner live far away or close by, you should keep regular contact with her. If you don’t speak to her,she will lose interest in you and begin to form new opinions about you.

2. You aren’t romantic with your actions

You should always show her your live by buying her gifts, surprising her with them and generally her well. The problem is that if you show less concern about her,she will lose interest.

3. Your unfaithfulness will make her want to hurt you in the same way

Don’t expect her to be happy with your cheating.she will feel terribly bad and might feel tempted to return the feeling or still leave the relationship.

4. If you have being dating for so long without proposing.

Yes, ladies want a guy who can propose to them and at least guarantee that she has a future husband with which she can build a family. When you have dated a girl for so long without proposing, it is a turn off.

To get you to leave her alone, she might start behaving weirdly, and acting erratic so you would get annoyed and let her be.

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    Those gender, they can leave another man to another

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    If you no dey give her money

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    If u compare her with others

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  6. Emmanuel Inalegwu

    What if you have not reached the stage or age to get married, will you still propose to her ?

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    Well done I Love dis advice, from today have learned alot from learned club dat I should be romantic so dat woman can like me

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