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Anointing is an act of applying or pouring oil as a secret rite, especially for consecration. A lot of us has been anointed in one way or the other. Anointing in this content can also mean gifts, which each person has. Some has the anointing to heal, to see vision,to interpret dreams etc which are good and great. The question is: how well have we been using it? Has it been dormant? Have we lost it? If you think you have lost it cause you can’t feel it anymore, just believe in God for a miracle once you start implementing what you will be reading below ?


1- RIGHT LOCATION: In the spirit realm location is beyond just a place,the atmosphere generally of your location matters. God told Abraham to leave his own town,his comfort zone,to a location he knew nothing about. He went to where God wanted him to be and that was where his glory shinefouth. A lot of us are in the wrong location and that’s what explains our experience. 2Cor. 6:24-18 talks about the spiritual location, come out of that darkened location cause it has nothing to do with the light. Not until Jonah went to his right location,he was never at peace. Ask yourself: Am I in the right location?
2- RIGHT LEADERSHIP: Leadership is the capacity of someone to lead. “The Lord is my shepherd,I shall not want…” even the popular Psalm talk abot leadership. Who has been leading you? Who is your mentor? The person you call your mentor really matter cause you will partake in his or her anoiting. If your leader is lacking then in the spirit realm you are also lacking.If he is in union with the Spirit then you are too cause his your covering. Pray that the Lord should direct you,Let God direct you when choosing a Mentor.
3- RIGHT APPLICATION: Application is the act of implementing. A lot of us after reading such post or listen to a talk like this will drop it in that same spot. Who do you grow when you don’t act on what you learned. A right application is all you need to regain your anointing. Put into practice what you have learned and with faith something different will happen.
May the Lord help us and direct us to the RIGHT LOCATION with the help of a RIGHT LEADERSHIP and by putting in the RIGHT APPLICATIONS..we will see a new change

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  1. Emmanuel Osung

    I really felt inspired

    1. Ifeanyi Ikenga

      This article is really Awesome

  2. Olajide Yasiru Ayoade

    Lord is my shepherd.

  3. Nwokorobia Chinonso loveday

    Very inspiring… Thanks

  4. christiana shola

    Wow very energetic and enlighten

  5. Ebelechukwu Ndubuisi

    Thanks so much for the enlightenment. Remain blessed.

  6. Anastasia Okorie

    May the Lord help us to regain our lost anoiting as we implement this

    1. Christian Okereke

      You a nice words always floorish in the heart

  7. Ekundayo Segun

    Great word I just love wat the writer says our lost anointing we be regain in Jesus name

  8. Daniel Okon

    Good elaboration
    Thanks for enlightening me

    1. Ngozi KALU OGUDU

      Wrong Location can denied , delays and reduce spirit blessing. Good lesson,,

    2. Gabriel Tamarabibo Mary

      That’s a good one

  9. Terwase Sesugh

    This your piece of work ,have made my day and I will try and reconcile myself with God .

  10. Usman Opeyemi

    May the Lord help us to regain our lost anoiting as we implement this

    1. Omeke Kingsley

      Is good to be closer to our maker
      Thanks for write up dear

      1. Alice Gold

        Lord I long to know you more, God bless the writer

  11. Olajide Sherif

    Let God direct you when choosing a leader.

  12. Gabriel Tamarabibo Mary

    O Lord redirect our steps

  13. Ugochukwu Chimaroke Goodnews

    Most of us lost our anointing because for the kind of lifeel we are leaving…..we need to ask God for fresh anointing

  14. ABRAHAM Abraham

    Most of us lost our anointing because for the kind of lifeel we are leaving…..we need to ask God for fresh anointing

  15. Precious Efiok

    A man who has regained his anointing must not compromise again

  16. Abdulazeez Imran

    This is really informative, let put it into action

  17. Stephen Nkwobia

    I pray God should leads our part for us to regain our anointing

  18. Arikezukde Musa tete

    Awesome thanks for sharing

  19. Peter Peroh

    Activate the Anointing by Focusing on God’s Word … Spend time praying about the situation that needs God’s Anointing.

  20. Oyedapo Emmanuel Ishola

    thanks for sharing

  21. Iyiola Immanuel

    Thank you for the update

  22. Joshua Joseph

    Really helpful thanks for sharing

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