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What is self meditation?
Self-medication is the practice in which a person misuses drugs or alcohol in an attempt to feel better – typically, to manage distress or pain caused by a health condition. Rather than seeking professional treatment or advice.

The Dangers of Self-Medication
Our culture tends to normalize drinking or drug use during stressful times. People go out for drinks after a bad day at work, or smoke marijuana to “take the edge off” when they feel upset. As a result, self-medication often goes undetected or, to users, seems like a harmless act. The problem is, it can lead to dangers such as:

*Worsened mental health conditions: As noted above, self-medicating a mental health problem can create worsened symptoms. For example, cocaine use has been associated with worsened progression of bipolar disorder.
*Development of additional mental health issues: Drug and alcohol use can change the brain structure and function after a period of time. These changes can then trigger an underlying predisposition to develop a mental illness, or secondary mental health condition, including mood, psychotic, and impulse-control disorders.
*Development of a substance use disorder: Perhaps the most obvious outcome of self-medication is the potential to develop a dependence on drugs and alcohol. Substance addiction is common among those with mental health conditions for this very reason. They repeatedly use drugs and alcohol, and in time, require those substances to function and feel good. Substance use disorders come with their own slew of negative symptoms and dangers, particularly as they relate to a person’s mental and physical health. However, regular substance abuse also puts a person at greater risk for overdose, which is among the greatest dangers of all.

Aside from these dangers, other risks of self-medication include:

*Delays in getting help: Substances can mask the symptoms of a mental health problem, or even physical issue. This can lead to delays in seeking proper help, which can be particularly dangerous if there are severe issues or diseases at play.
*Incorrect self-diagnosis: Self-medication quite literally implies self-administration of drugs and alcohol, meaning there is no clinical diagnosis of the issue. This means that many individuals are diagnosing themselves without seeing a professional physician.
*Dangerous drug interactions or reactions: When using drugs at home, many people do not always research the adverse effects or potential reactions they cause. Some may use multiple substances together to achieve a desired effect, such as painkillers and alcohol, which can cause immediate dangers, as well.

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  1. Mgbakor Uchenna Samson

    Self medication is not good at all it can worsen your problem

  2. Ezekiel Okon

    Very dangerous, thanks for informing us

    1. Ugochukwu Chimaroke Goodnews

      Bad marriage can lead to self medication

    2. Emmanuel Nathaniel

      Self medication is dangerous

    1. Martha Ukaegbu

      Thanks for sharing this information. Self medication is harmful it’s best to seek professionals.

  3. Olajide Yasiru Ayoade

    Very interesting

  4. Oladimeji Taiwo

    Very dangerous, thanks for informing us

  5. Nwokorobia Chinonso loveday

    Poverty is another cause of self medication… Our govt really have alot to do in other to put a stop to it.

  6. Emmanuel Osung

    Self medication is very bad

    1. Ifeanyi Ikenga

      This self medication is because people don’t have money for hospital bills

  7. Ebelechukwu Ndubuisi

    Self medication is very bad,let us desist from it.

  8. Ekundayo Segun

    Don’t prescribed drug for your self it really bad

  9. Terwase Sesugh

    It is even dangerous to ones health.

  10. Daniel Okon

    Don’t take yourself to be your physician

    1. Oyedapo Emmanuel Ishola

      Thanks for sharing

  11. Anastasia Okorie

    Say NO to safe medication because it does more harm than good
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Olajide Sherif

    This is very common in Nigeria

    1. Christian Okereke

      Always have a mentor that will help you

  13. ABRAHAM Abraham

    This is very common in Nigeria

  14. Daniel Diamond

    Yeah nice to inform us

    1. Semiu Oyeyode

      Thanks for sharing us ideal

    2. Omeke Kingsley

      Sometimes is caused by ingnoranc
      Self medication can lead to sudden death
      We should avoid it

    1. Akano Godwin

      No ❌ to self medication.
      Its very dange6

  15. Usman Opeyemi

    I only pity those who administered drugs to themselves

  16. Stephen Nkwobia

    Thanks for the information
    Self meditation is very good

  17. Abdulazeez Imran

    Please let try to see a qualified professional doctor for any bad symptoms we see

  18. Rebecca Bankole

    This is very common in Nigeria. A lot of public enlightenment campaigns need to be done to inform m people.

  19. Victor Nnamaka

    This write up I really good

  20. Amiara Chimaraoge

    What if u don’t have money to go to hospital

    1. Amiara Chimaraoge

      Thanks dear for the information

  21. Adebayo Ganiyy Eniola Ganiyy

    Thanks for that

  22. Oluwatobi Daniel

    Thanks for the information

  23. Favour Udoyen

    All these self diagnosed malaria patients should see this
    Once there’s headache and fever…person don rush claim malaria

  24. Blessing Oghenenyerowho

    Thanks for information

  25. David Madueke

    This is interesting and lovely

  26. Zainab Dauda

    Self medication is not good

  27. Gbaboyor Felix

    Yes oh, many have died from this mistake.

  28. Adegboye Olarewaju Tajudeen

    Self medication is not good

  29. Joshua Joseph

    Love this Article #highlyrecommended

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