SMS Marketing and it’s benefit

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Short Message Service (SMS) marketing is a form of marketing that businesses use to send promotions to customers via text messages. In order words, SMS marketing is the same thing as text message marketing.

Benefits of SMS marketing.
~ Text message marketing is fast in more than one sense. Unlike social media marketing, you don’t need any images to go with your content. Text messages also have a low character limit so you don’t need to write a ton, either.
~ They are quick and easy to send.
~ Texts reach your recipients faster than an instagram post or email would. Your customers get instant notification on their phone when they get a text.
~ It gets high response rate.

How to use SMS marketing
~ Get a list of customers you have permission to message.
~ Use a tool to send your messages. You will need a software to automate your message send.
~ Craft your message. Your texts don’t need to be as long as email newsletter. In fact, the shorter the better.
~ Track results. After you have sent a message, track it’s performance. If you included a link in your message, see how many people clicked on it.

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