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Presently, we have two packages:

  1. Alpha member Package: As an Alpha member; you’ll pay a one-time membership fee. i.e, you pay ₦2000 to register and you are entitle to 40% of your total generated revenue every month.
  2. Senate Member Package: This is a subscription based membership. You pay a token of ₦3,000 monthly to maintain this package. The benefits of this package are: Your business will be advertised on our platform for 1 month, we will sponsor your business for viral share twice in a month & you’ll receive a minimum of 2 million views/engagement. Also, you will be entitled for 60% of your total generated revenue every month.


  1. You’ll be required to verify your email address after registration. Kindly check your email inbox or spam box for the verification mail. Unverified account after 1 week will be deleted automatically.
  2. If you’ve not gotten your Coupon code/Activation code or you have any issues with the code; kindly contact Admin now. CLICK HERE NOW FOR YOUR ACTIVATION CODE
  3.  Remember you will be required to provide/ submit your proof of payment after registration  before your account will be approved.
Alpha Member
  1. Earn 40% of your total generated revenue.
  2. One-time registration fee of ₦2,000 for a lifetime.
Senate Member
  1. Earn 60% of your total generated revenue.
  2. Post your Advert on our platform
only ₦3,000

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Earn cool cash by just learning new skills & performing simple tasks from the comfort of home on our platform


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Create an account, Login and Share sponsored Adverts to Facebook daily and get paid


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You will get a detailed breakdown of your daily activity earnings on your dashboard

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Post Once, let’s handle the marketing. Create an advert on Learned Club, and have it reposted on all popular social media platforms by our members.