The magic of the web

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Over the past several years,interest in quick ways to make money online from the comfort of our home is on the rise.
The magic of the web is it’s powerful sales channel,marketing network and community hub all in one. There are many creative ways to make money online beyond filing out surveys and selling used on market places.

1)start a drop shipping business
2)start print on demand
3)create custom products to sell online
4)sell on Esty
5)sell on Amazon
6) sell digital products
7)sell media
8) start blogging
9)start affiliate marketing
10) create online courses and workshops
11)start freelancing
12)start a YouTube channel
13) Become an influencer
14) write ebooks
15) Look for side gigs
16) Do translation work
17) sell stuffs online
18)live stream on twitch
19) Take online surveys
20)sell photos online
21)Become a social media consultant
22)start a podcast
23) Become a transcriber
24)Review apps ,websites and softwares.
25)Narrate audiobooks
26)Become an Airbnd host
27)Buy and sell domain names
28) Invest in real estates
29) Invest in the metaverse
30) Become an online tutor

With two or more of these skills, you are good to go.

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  1. Abraham Obot

    The web has provided a whole range of opportunities… We just need to utilize them.

    1. Nwokorobia Chinonso loveday

      Should also be added that online money making requires time, patience and persistence.

          1. Christian Okereke

            This a good information me l love this

          1. Zainab Dauda

            Thank u

  2. Usman Opeyemi

    The web has provided a whole range of opportunities. But not every one can utilize it

  3. Nwokorobia Chinonso loveday

    Online is the new oil money. Learn it and smile in years to come.

      1. Omeke Kingsley

        There are many legit ways to make money online but we are ignorance of it
        We need someone to enlighten us

  4. Abdulazeez Imran

    Thanks for the useful information

    1. Ebelechukwu Ndubuisi

      Thank you for approving my post,I appreciate

    1. Okeoghene Unweh

      Online business is the in thing now

  5. Precious Efiok

    The best way to earn a living now is through online

  6. Olajide Sherif

    Create your YouTube channel with unique name

  7. Anastasia Okorie

    Wow there is really much in the online world
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Oyedapo Emmanuel Ishola

    Thanks for the useful information

  9. Mercy Oruegberi

    This is wonderful I will surely try one

    1. Amiara Chimaraoge

      Thanks for the information

  10. Alice Gold

    It’s very hard to get genuine online business, nowadays….

  11. Favour Udoyen

    Thanks for this enlightenment

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