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Top 5 Digital Skills You’ll Need in 2022 (and Possibly in 2023 Too)

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Digital transformation is changing the traditional workplace and pushing workers to deepen their technical skills. These skills — as well as adopting a growth mindset — can help you plug the skills gap and create more job opportunities for yourself.

With rapid digitization, technical skills such as digital and data analytical skills are becoming more important. And as the digital landscape continues to evolve, so will the skills requirements.

As such, it is crucial to be equipped with the basic digital skills and continuously upskill to keep pace with the latest developments.

Notwithstanding your industry, here are some of the most common technical skills that employers are looking for, and tips to acquire them.

1. Digital marketing or social marketing

Marketing teams use data collected through digital channels to determine how well campaigns are performing and to create new strategies. And the skills required to create such marketing campaigns and strategies, such as keyword optimization, social media marketing, and enhancing user experience and engagement, can be helpful.

Learning about search engine optimization (SEO) and how social media promotion works can help you build a good personal online brand. Doing so can help position you to be a thought leader in your professional community and increase your employability.

Business activities must have a direct or indirect impact on revenue and these include marketing. Digital skills and competencies are what is needed to drive the marketing of the future.

2. Business data analytics

Data is being collected from all digital touchpoints and knowing how to use it to your advantage will be key for many roles including compliance and risk management, supply chain management, corporate financial planning, digital marketing, and inventory management.

There are many data analytics tools you might already be using. So why not find out what the most common analytics tools are in your industry and learn how to navigate them. Most software companies upload video tutorials or offer a free trial for a limited period of time, which is enough for you to learn the basics. Sign up for courses if you’re keen to develop your skills further.

3. Coding

Coding isn’t meant only for tech professionals, there are many roles that require coding skills now, including compliance and risk management, digital marketing, and quality assurance. Coding changes the way you view the world and teaches you logical problem-solving skills.

It may require a higher time and resource commitment at first but you can learn and apply the basics of coding to your job rather quickly. Java, SQL, Python, and Ruby are some good programming languages to learn. Click here to see the list of platform that offers free online classes if you’re interested.

4. Cloud

Most businesses are transitioning from traditional infrastructure to cloud for remote working, better collaboration and connectivity, as well as tighter data security.

Cloud computing products have allowed us to work seamlessly from anywhere and anytime around the world, with some cloud services targeting unique business operations and needs.

As such, it is paramount to learn how to use a variety of digital tools, particularly in a professional capacity, to ensure that we remain agile and adaptable. Those skilled in navigating various cloud systems are seen as more employable because they demonstrate a keen learning attitude.

5. Artificial intelligence

AI and machine learning (ML) can help you deliver more relevant, customized, and innovative products and services.

It may seem daunting at first but you do not need to learn the technicality of what goes into AI development. What you will need to know is how using AI and machine learning would impact your job.

For example, chatbots often use AI and ML to improve their conversations. By knowing how to input data into the system and when to step in for human reviews would make you a valuable asset. You can also learn how these AI tech solutions can improve internal processes and save long-term costs.

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