Twenty ways to bring out the best in your wife

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1. Serve the Lord with all your soul, heart,mind and strength and let God bring out the best in you.
2. Obey the scriptures regarding your wife.
3. Tell her you love her(not as a foreplay audible)
4. Listen to her.
5. Love her even when she does not “deserve it”.
6. Compliment her on her beauty, clothes, cooking, spirituality and marital “performance”.
7. Give her flowers regularly(and not the cheesy ones)
8. Be honest with her at all times(but avoid suicidal opinions)
9. Tell her you think of no other woman(i.e, no alternate fantasies)
10. Pray with her.
11. Don’t insist on sex when she is tired.
12. Maintain a godly, peaceful atmosphere in your home.
13. Keep her laughing(self-deprecating humor works best)
14. When she is wrong, have a character to admit it.
15. Remind her that opposite attracts and that you’re the smart one.
16. Don’t flake out on date night.
17. Rubdowns are good(and so is whatever happens after)
18. Get her something hot during the wintertime or cold during the summertime.
19. Avoid criticizing her(an effective antidepressants)
20. Try to maintain the romance(very important)

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  1. Emmanuel Nathaniel

    I love number 10. Some men have the habit of praying alone, which is not good. Remember that the woman is now part of you or she is you.

    1. Blessing John

      No 8 is the best honest matter in a relationship and marriage

    2. Emida Abidemi

      Yes you are communicating .well said

  2. Gbaboyor Felix

    Nice piece, but number 20 requires grace and commitment.

      1. Ogunmakinwa Evelyn

        Prayer which is number 10 is a very important key in marriage

    1. Adegoke Moses

      Nice write up but what about we men

  3. Precious Okhae

    Thanks for this wonderful article

    1. Ezeh Mmesoma

      If atleast 80% of men should practice this, I think the rate of divorce will reduce??

          1. Anuoluwapo Amoo

            Nice one

      1. Ogunmakinwa Evelyn

        Prayer which is number 10 is a very important key in marriage and only in marriage also in all rancification of life.

  4. Mgbakor Uchenna Samson

    Communication is also important both the two parties call each other when out on travel

  5. David Attah

    Communication and mutual respect also matters trust too is important

    1. Emmanuel Inalegwu

      If we are honest with them hope they will do same to us

  6. Usman Opeyemi

    Communication and mutual understanding also matters

    1. Semiu Oyeyode

      By listening to wife in a marriage it allows marriage to strong

  7. Okeoghene Unweh

    Really interesting. These are some food for thought.

    1. Aishat Zubair

      Number 16, Is a very good point some men don’t even go out on a date with their wife n it is not good

  8. christiana shola

    This are very important to grow and have a happy family

    1. Celine Odo

      Waww my hubby really needs to read this

  9. Chibueze Ajoku

    That is very true… Every thing can b achieve with God on there side

  10. Chibueze Ajoku

    That is very true… Every thing can b achieve with God on there side. I wish the same for the ladies.

  11. Happiness Orji

    Very good,I think men really need to read this is indeed educative

  12. Rabiu Toheeb

    This is article,I learn something therr,thanks for sharing this.

  13. Faith Ugonna

    Outlined accordingly, thanks

    1. Martha Ukaegbu

      Lovely write up. May God bless you for this information ?

  14. Iyiola Immanuel

    Good article… God in all things ?

  15. Ebelechukwu Ndubuisi

    Number four is very important. Keep it up

    1. Blessing Oghenenyerowho

      Thanks for sharing, I believe this will help alot of marriages.

  16. Gabriel Tamarabibo Mary

    That’s a good advice, may God help us all

  17. Fadeke Duyile

    Intelligent piece of advice

  18. Daniel Daniel

    No. 3 interest me the more, you hve to love your wife and putting God first will make both the family and wife do their best to maintain a happy home

  19. Michael Marvellous

    Thank you for sharing
    Very good points

  20. Taiwo Oyalude

    That number 16 is good educative

  21. William Nuhu

    Thanks for sharing, I believe this will go a long way in changing family situations.

  22. Barizorge Sordumlesi

    I really love this number 10

  23. Prince Johnson

    Thanks for the great advice

  24. Prince Johnson

    Yes prayer is the most compulsory tuition in the family

  25. Mba Precious

    That’s slot
    Can’t wait to get married.

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