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Procrastination is a subject matter that is so basic in meaning, yet unknown to most. We have been procrastinating all our lives, yet we were unaware of what were we doing and how it is harming our growth. Let us first understand what the term means:

Procrastinating (according to the dictionary) can be defined as the act of delaying or postponing a task until the last minute or past its deadline. And we are aware of the negative consequences the delaying of the action will have, still, we do it (or don’t do it – the task)

How can we overcome Procrastination?

Let us see the easy things – small things that we can do to help us overcome this habit.

?Make a to-do list: Easy as it sounds, it takes too much effort in making a list and sticking to the deadline every single day. Keep a simple reward for completing the daily task, as simple as treating yourself with a dessert, or watching that one extra episode of your favorite series. And don’t be too hard on yourself in case you are unable to complete everything on the list in the first week. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
?Take baby steps: Break down large tasks into small manageable steps so that you are not too overwhelmed with your list
Being Mindful of your thoughts: Try and recognize your thoughts and the warning signs and try your best to resist the urge. Remember the reward and focus your attention there
?Eliminate Distraction: We all are a victim of social media as a distraction. So make it a point to put your phone on silent and away from you when you are working on your task. This way you can maximize your effort.

It will take time and effort for us to move beyond procrastinating. Just have faith in your capabilities and trust the process you have set.✍️

Precious Efiok

A guy with the fear of God ?

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  1. Emem Effiong

    Procrastination harm our growth.

    1. Fadeke Duyile

      Procrastination is a thief of time

  2. Ezeh Mmesoma

    Procrastination can never do us any good bacause I have been a victim of it.

  3. Nwokorobia Chinonso loveday

    Procrastination really dealt with me back in the days. But thank God for now.

  4. Amarachi Gracious

    Procrastination is the thief of time

  5. Mercy Oruegberi

    Wow nice so I have procrastinating all this while

  6. Treasure Uneze

    This is something i need to take note of, i always procrastinate

    1. Oyedapo Emmanuel Ishola

      Thanks for sharing

  7. Nwabugo Michael

    The earlier you notice you procrastinate nd overcome it
    D better 4 u

  8. Peter Peroh

    I really appreciate God for now. Procrastination really dealt with me back in the days.

  9. Emmanuel Osung

    Prayer too helps to eliminate procrastinatio

  10. Favour Udoyen

    Funny how this post relates so well to me cos I procrastinate a lot
    I learnt from it tho
    Hope I’ll be able to implement

  11. Sandra Ornguga

    Procrastination is very bad, I’m a victim too

  12. Emmanuel Inalegwu

    Procrastination can kill a destiny

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